Since 2007, Swiss efficiency with a Brazilian touch

Omega Express  is here to help you!

Since 2007 we have been remitting money from The UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland to Brazil.

Sending money with Omega Express is simple

1st Step

Register with us in minutes

2nd Step

Pay by bank transfer

debit/credit card (app).




3rd Step

We will notify you when the money is in the recipient’s account.
Contact us by tel, Whatsapp or email.

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What do I need to provide in order to send money with you?

The beneficiary’s full name, address and phone.

If sending to Brazil: CPF / Bank / Agency / Account number and type of account.

 If sending to Eurozone, British Pounds or Swiss Franc: Full name / Account number in European format (IBAN).


How can I know your exchange rate?

Just talk to us on our Telephone +41 44 4559999 or Whatsapp +41 763794494

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How long does it take for the payment to be made?

We aim to pay on the same day. Some remittances can take up to 2 working days.

In case I have any other questions?

Just talk to us in our:

  WhatsApp Chat

  +41 763794494


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